Do You Feel Heavy?

Do You Feel Heavy?

Exhale — life can feel so heavy. We have all been there. We start with this question because at times, heaviness feels unbearable. This week, we want to be simple. We bring you scriptures to meditate on and remember whenever you feel heavy. You know, the Bible has the best truths and comfort when you need it! No matter where you are, it will always be there, never changing.

“‘I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds, no more. Where there is forgiveness of these there is no longer any offering for sin.”

Hebrews 10:17-18

Jesus, straight from his mouth, says your sins are forgiven. So why is this scripture so important to know? Whether you are feeling heavy in sin or not, this truth speaks life into us. That we have a Father (big F not little f) that gave his son to take our sins that we commit or have commited away from us! We love the song, No Longer a Slave. Here are some of the words of us being new creations, once we respond to the Gospel.

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I am surrounded

By the arms of the Father

I am surrounded

By songs of deliverance

We’ve been liberated

From our bondage

We’re the sons and the daughters

Let us sing our freedom

“ Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Jesus again speaks directly to us. He wants us to come and lay our burdens at his feet. But not only that, He wants to give us rest! We don’t know about you, but rest is sometimes very hard for us to practice or even see.

So, as the tone is pretty heavy, it is not hopeless.

When we started Sistatowne we committed to being real.

So here we are, being real, and we feel heavy, and heaviness– coming from so many directions.

Yet in this heaviness, left on our own it would be pretty crushing and hopeless.

But then we look up and read the truth of scripture, and it relates to what this world brings and combats it with truths and relief.

Because of our need for people in our lives, we can look around and go to those we trust to lean on, and have accountability.

And this is what we want to bring to you. That we will always encourage you to run to Jesus first but to know that you have people around you who love and care for you and want to see you flourish. So embrace that and be thankful.

Most importantly be real with those that you find safe.

You are loved, and no matter where you are, look up,and you will see.

That may be seeing yourself as a daughter, seeing those who love you, seeing those who need encouragement right in front of you.

Thank you all for coming alongside us in this journey.

Please commit to praying with and for us daily, we need it, life is full of ups and downs. We know God has a plan already set in place, so we fight to trust Him during every season.

Xoxo, Sistatowne

Preparing for a Road Trip


We thought we would do something a little different this week. As we get ready to head out to Texas together, we thought about how much fun road trips are! So why not talk about preparation? I feel like we get side tracked real easy…WHO CARES?! It is the way we roll.

Now, we grew up going on road trips. Every, I mean, EVERY, summer we would drive from Tucson, AZ to Seattle, WA. We took different routes every time. Some of the greatest memories, at least for me (Sami) are driving to Seattle each year. I don’t think at the time I appreciated it as much as I do now. And man, our mom was the best at preparing for the trip!

She always had activity/snack bags for us the morning we left, waiting for us in our seat of the car. (Mya, maybe we should make some for our road trip to Waco!) One of my favorite parts was that we got a bag of quarters to have the whole trip! Anytime we asked if we were almost there, we would lose a coin. At the end of the trip we were able to spend it however we wanted too. Surprise surprise, almost every time it was spent on candy. Do you remember those long skinny laffy taffy sticks? Ya, I loved those! Are those still around??? As it goes, us Towne kids are competitive (selfish)? We would try to bargain/bribe/trick our siblings into asking our parents for us! Mya and I were lucky to be a bit older than our brothers, so we manipulated them ALOT. I feel super proud about that… even though it’s something I probably shouldn’t be proud of.

Anywho, the most important parts are as follows: Snack choice, books, blanket, playlists, podcasts, and fellow passengers. SIDE NOTE: You should be on Instagram October 17-21, because we will be in the car, sharing I am sure, and in the best place ever! The Silos.

And, cause I know you are all wondering, no Mya and I will not have a baggy of quarters for this road trip…

As you prepare for a road trip aside from all the packing, etc, You of course have to think about where you are going to start in the morning for some CAFFEINE, aka fuel. Usually Starbucks wins, but for this trip I think Dutch Bros is gonna win, because Tucson just got one! WOOT WOOT! I mean, I guess, not everyone does coffee for caffeine, but these girls live off of it. But you know we will need more than one coffee on this 12 hour drive, so I am sure we will be stopping to get some more. I think Mya and I have pretty good bladder’s when it comes to holding it, IF we are not laughing or sneezing. I know I could go forever before stopping to use the bathroom!

So let’s talk music, Mya and I have lots of music we loved growing up, so we definitely will be bringing along some oldies, as in HSM. Anyone?? I know I need some JT cause I need to prepare for his concert I am going to in November! And then for sure some Johnnyswim, cause we are gonna be spending Friday night with them!  And then some Podcasts, yes please! This is a perfect example of how Mya and I balance each other. Most of the Podcasts I listen to are women who have written books and are more into talking deep things, which I love. And, may I say, it is not all serious, people! No one can live that way all the time, or they shouldn’t. But on the other hand Mya has found some hilarious podcast she listens to, mostly those from the Bachelor/Bachelorette Nation, who now have their own podcasts. They are amazing. We will have to link some at the bottom.

I am gonna let Mya take over talking about what we need to pack for this three day event! She is super gifted in style, another thing we are completely opposite in!

Hi All! Just like Sami, I love road trips! If I had to choose, I would rather drive than fly anywhere- who else is with me?

My mom always did a great job at making road trips fun, the quarter idea is something I am most definitely going to use with my son, Ryder. Genius. Being the oldest, I was a rule follower and did not want to ask how much longer because 1) I’d have to give up a quarter and 2) it didn’t really matter because if we weren’t at our destination I was going to have to wait anyway until we got there. So it became a goal to save all of my quarters but get Sami or my brothers to ask. Sami was the easiest to get because she always wanted to know, it was awesome.

Anywho, I digress.

Lately with traveling I have been trying to be more organized in my packing. I bought the Bon Voyage travel pack from Young Living that is all travel sized Young Living products that come in a cute bag. Literally has saved me because all I do is throw it in my suitcase and I am covered with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, face lotion, body lotion, and chapstick. So that is always the first thing I know is ready to go. I then have been getting these little clothing bags and using them to pack by outfit. I throw in the dress/top/pants/jewelry/etc in this bag and I know that the outfit is ready with all necessities. I do this for each day with a small pile of “extras” (shirts, workout clothes, pajamas). What’s nice about a road trip is there are no baggage fees and all the room you want (depending on size of vehicle of course) but I know that I can throw all of my shoes in a tote bag along with my blow dryer, curling iron, hair products and be good to go.

Anyone else getting more convinced that driving is the way to go? 🙂

That is my whole packing process that I can think of, besides the fact that I always bring all of the essential oils I know will come in handy while traveling (peppermint, digize, joy, lemon, thieves, plus all of my supplements).

Also, one last piece of advice. I always pack a black shirt (super versatile) or a black dress (also easy to throw on and versatile) with a jean jacket or flannel shirt because those can easily be worn well with the shirt or dress. Comfortable walking shoes, sandals and workout shoes are also a must in my bag. And let’s be honest, the most important item to pack is dry shampoo– Hello LIFESAVER!

What is something you always have to pack when traveling? Let us know so we can bounce ideas off of each other!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. Can’t wait to show you all of our adventure to Waco!

XOXO, Sistatowne

Road Tripping in Style 

P.S. Some Podcast we like:

  • Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
  • Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad
  • Glorious in the Mundane
  • Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

The Journey Part 3

Man, not only can we talk, we can write! Week one now has a part 3!. When Mya called me saying her blog is really long, I wasn’t sure how long she was talking about. Then, I read it and was like,”Wow! Okay, you just write this week and I will write the following!” Which leads us to this “following week”.

I hope you enjoyed all that Mya shared last week. It came from her heart, and she brought up a good point: this side of heaven is a journey! She shared hers, and God has used it for His glory. isn’t it so cool to see that?!

We cannot express enough that we want to share life, and we want to hear from you! So please, if you feel lead, comment or send us an email! We would love to talk to you, encourage you, and learn from you!

It’s funny how real the first born being a guinea pig is. Last week,  Mya shared so many areas that shaped how I did life, and mostly because she was the piggy 😉 Which in hindsight Mya, I am super thankful for you! Where to begin ??

My junior year of high school, I was privileged to be an exchange student in Denmark. While I was there, I learned and experienced much of what College students experience here in the U.S. Overall, I had the best experience and made some really great friends, my love of travelling and learning about different cultures only expanded!  Of course as I look back at my time in Europe, I see God’s hand of protection over me in so many ways. He truly is such a merciful, sovereign Father.

When I came back from studying abroad, I finished out my highschool years at the school my dad taught at. My senior year was one of the hardest years I had been through up to that point in my life. Romantic relationships, heartbreak, friendship, hurts and healing, all while feeling the pressures of what I am going to do with my life after graduation. REAL HARD!  I got through it all mostly through the help of Mya being at home and some other dear friends surrounding me.

After graduation, I moved my life to Seattle, and started going to college to get a degree in Special Education, while also being a full-time live in Nanny. Lets just say it didn’t go well. I then entered a very dark and deep season in my life. I would say half clinical and the other spiritual. I went from doctors appointment to doctors appointment to a sleep study to medications. Man, what a roller coaster! It was a really hard season for me — most of what I thought was solid in my life was not. What I truly believe helped me was journaling. I was writing when I was not sleeping (true, my way of numbing and avoiding things was sleep). I got off the medications and really just felt healed from all the darkness. I am not trying to breeze through this part of my life but it is pretty blurry and I don’t remember much! Anyone who needs encouragement, if you are struggling, Doctors are helpful and so is medicine so use this tool but remember they do not cure all! Also, when you are struggling don’t try to pretend all is well in front of people, it doesn’t help you! I felt like I tried to be “Sami” all through this season, and, well, the Lord was good to strip me of most everything.

Now to enter what this blog is suppose to center around, meeting Ryan. I had met him amongst this rough season. I had started going to a church with my friend who was dating a guy from there (they are now married with kiddos!). My friend had pointed out Ryan on Facebook, I have given you the picture above, no my husband did not consent to this….Oops….


Well, I told her he was attractive but I am not interested….Well, then I went to visit and he was so handsome and so nice! And the cherry on top was that he went to the same university as my sister and they knew each other?! Crazy, right??? Of course I told my sister and she replied, “Sami, he is so nice, you need to like him.” Done. Ok, ya I really liked him at that point….But nothing happened for what felt like forever! It was about a year and a half later that, in my words, Ryan noticed me (what he would say is he did notice me but not romantically.) We were friends and all, but nothing happened.

Fast forward to us dating, we fell in love blah blah blah, then we got married, the end!

Haha, ok that is what happened but it wasn’t that easy, the Lord grew and taught us a lot in the dating season. I truly believe that no matter how much you love someone, it is a miracle for marriages to last.  We as humans, are… well… human. I mean we live in a fallen world and because of that there is a war every which way. Ryan and I are so different and I am beyond thankful for him, he is truly the best in the planet, but if Christ wasn’t the center of our marriage, it would be a war/crime scene. Too far? Ok, sorry, but it would be pretty darn ugly if we both didn’t have this God who desires us to depend and turn to him in all we do. Now, I am not saying Ryan and I have it all together! WE DON’T, NOT EVEN CLOSE! Because of the ways we clash and because of the sinners we are, there are lots of moments where Christ isn’t the center and by his grace one of us usually helps the other to turn back to Christ. So to end this blog, I want to move away from marriage, and urge you my sisters, that God wants us to have him at the center of our life. He created us, as I mentioned before, to depend on Him. He is our Daddy. And because he is a good Daddy, he has given us tangible beings to live life with and to lean on and seek wisdom from. So let’s remember that this side of heaven is hard, but it’s not all hard. There are many many good gifts.

Love you all,


The Journey Part 2

Welcome back! As always, thank you for supporting us in this journey each week. It’s been fun to share our hearts and lives with you- especially last week when we basically shared funny stories that occurred growing up. Trust me, there is definitely more but we will spare you…for now 🙂


And just as a reminder, we are not here to talk about ourselves or what we are learning/doing- we want this to be a platform for EVERYONE to share and live life with us! This is a sisterhood- let’s get to know one another. So please comment with anything that you can relate to throughout today’s topic: searching and finding the person God so perfectly put in your life at just the right time. And as we talk about our husbands it is not limited to that!



The LONG journey to Redemption

There’s always the time when girls start to notice the boys, and so begins the ongoing feud between friends and BOYfriends. Ooohhh. Lord knows we never wanted to be in the “friend zone.”


As the oldest you are the guinea pig. It’s true. But when you are the oldest DAUGHTER, it’s as if you are the guinea pig locked in the cage with no key to be let free. (I am being super dramatic but growing up I felt like that- although that’s not entirely a true analogy).


So, not only were there many restrictions on my social life, but having a “boyfriend” was definitely not an option. Side note: what does “boyfriend” even mean when you are in elementary/middle school?! We actually never called it boyfriend/girlfriend, it was called “going out”. Like what? So embarrassing. (Insert face palm emoji).


Anywho, high school was tricky and of course I felt like everyone around me was having all of these “romantic” experiences. Holding hands, going to the movies, first kiss, blah blah blah.

I felt like I was the only girl in my school who hadn’t had their first kiss or real “boyfriend.”

You all can stop and have a little pity party for me. LOL.


BUT guys, it happened. It finally happened. My first kiss. The END of my JUNIOR year. I felt so accomplished and it honestly wasn’t as special as I thought it would be.

The movies lie, people!


Senior year was a completely different story.

You see, I turned 18 in November. So a lot of the school year I was LEGAL.

To me that meant I could buy cigars, vote and basically do whatever I wanted.

Uh, ya freaking right.

But I started to rebel.

Dated a boy that was just that, a boy and a bad one. (but do they ever really grow up?)

I was that girl, the one who HAD to date a bad boy. He also went to the public high school across the street (going to a small private christian school, dating a public school boy was a big deal). For him, I lied and gave my parents more gray hairs than they probably wanted.

Good grief, I was stupid.

Hindsight is so helpful isn’t it? (NOT).


Welp, I graduated. Went off to college and stopped that cycle of rebelling for at least the first year.

I had great experiences, made great friends, missed home but enjoyed having independence.

The summer before my Junior year, I started to really question my faith and the reasons I “believed” certain things and was in a season of uncertainty and confusion. I tried navigating through different things and made mistakes along the way, I also got injured in tennis which put me out for the season. I was lost.

Then I turned 21.

My parents were concerned about this. Another legal age. The age to (legally) drink.

You remember how I was when I was 18? These legal ages have some significance in my life I guess.

Alcohol became a part of my everyday life. I was dating a guy that I thought was great but obviously ended up not to be. I made sacrifices I shouldn’t have.


Again, hindsight is always helpful right?


But these “dark ages” of Mya actually are a huge part of my testimony and although these experiences were tough; they have  shaped me into the woman I am today. And ultimately, what brought me to Ty (my hubby).


So fast forward to the end of my Junior year in college. I had quit the tennis team, had a come to Jesus moment and had grown so much as a person and a child of God. I was living in Seattle for the summer (fun fact: I had spent every summer in Seattle since I had been born basically) and somewhat last minute, decided to leave Whitworth (the university I attended in Spokane) and transfer to the University of Arizona to finish my college career. Who does that?!


I came back to live at home in August, had been single for awhile (yay me!) and was completely focused on my relationship with Jesus and finishing school. I decided to take the first semester off and take some online transfer classes and worked at my alma mater.

Have you ever felt so connected to Jesus that your life just seems to be constantly in prayer and everything you do is incredibly peaceful? I have a hard time communicating exactly what I was feeling at that time, but it was unexplainable and wonderful. Honestly, I am embarrassed to say that because as a follower of Christ, you should probably feel that way all the time. But maybe since I hadn’t had that feeling probably in my whole life- it was a welcome breath of fresh air! I felt like I had this clean slate and was able to start my life over with Christ leading the way.  


This whole time though I still felt this desire for a solid relationship- but nothing was panning out and I was starting to feel myself get desperate. Y’all, it was pathetic. I was getting discouraged, distracted and disappointed. Until I finally threw my desires up to God, and I will never forget my prayer. “Lord, I give you my desire for a boyfriend. I’m done trying to rush this, I don’t like how I am feeling. I trust you to bring someone in my life when it’s meant to be.”


And just like that my mindset changed and I was happy where I was at in life. I had reconnected with friends, was working at a great school, getting close with my younger brothers, coaching tennis and more connected to Christ than I had been EVER. God is good!




October 3, 2012. Never ever will I forget that day. I had planned a whole week of birthday surprises for my friend, Heather. That particular night, on the agenda was happy hour at Applebee’s. I had picked up Heather and we were about to head out when a guy she had been talking to was coming into town to stay at a friends house and had asked if she wanted to hang out. Being the good friend that she is, asked if I could tag along (yay 3rd wheel!). The good thing was that this friend he was staying with lived on the same street as my parents. PERFECT. So we drove back to the community my parents live in and went to the house across the mailboxes- and met a neighbor I didn’t know I had. I knew he probably wasn’t thrilled to have two girls come over and crash his house and I was so dreading being the 3rd/4th wheel? Whatever.


But obviously you probably know where this is headed but that night we all sat around his kitchen table and talked, laughed and had such a good time. Ty and I ended up talking about almost everything AND he walked me home. Y’all, he walked me home.

What a freakin’ gentleman. Wow.


It was an unexpected night that changed my life for the better.


He got my number the next day from my friend, we started talking each day, he pursued me and it was totally all God working through this relationship.


He started going to bible study with me on Sunday mornings, and began going through the book of Ruth in our study. Do you know the story of Ruth? It is an absolutely beautiful story of redemption. Ruth was a widow, who moved with her mother in law to a place she did not know. In order to have enough food to eat, she was allowed to follow the crop gatherers and pick up and keep what they dropped or left behind. The owner of the land was named Boaz. He respected and admired Ruth, and ultimately he redeemed her from her past and the life she was living. TY IS MY BOAZ. God’s timing was unbelievable, I wholeheartedly believe that he brought Ty into my life at the perfect time to show me that my past could be forgiven and that I could be redeemed.  


I met Ty on October 3, 2012. I graduated college December 2012. Got engaged May 2013. Married July 12, 2013. I swear people probably thought that I was a) crazy b) pregnant c) all of the above. BUT nope. People say it but it’s true. When you know, you know. Also, we have Ryder our 18 month old, and just celebrated 5 years of marriage.

So those option B people, we proved you wrong! 🙂


I write this to show you God’s goodness in all facets of life. As I kept mentioning, hindsight really is helpful although at times it fills you with remorse or regret. If you reflect on those times, you can see God’s hand in those hard moments/experiences/friendships/etc. If these circumstances were not supposed to have happened, he wouldn’t have allowed them to happen. Everything we do is all part of his plan. We may not know it, understand it, see it or like it but when you reflect on those times; you can see how much our God loves us even when we stray from him.


This is my testimony of redemption; God used Ty to redeem me and show me that he is going to take care of my needs. I surrendered my hopes and desires to him and he came through. And I want you to know that our God has your back, he wants the best for you and is working in your life whether you know it or not.


Have you found your person yet? Share your story with us.

Still looking for that person God has set aside for you? Have faith! Surrender those desires to Him and give him the reigns of your life, his timing is ALWAYS better than ours.


Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”


Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”


Be encouraged today and let us know how we can pray for you!




The Journey Part 1

Welcome back, Happy Tuesday!

We will be doing a two part blog about family, particularly our families!

S: As everyone knows we are biological sisters. Therefore we’ve got lots of history, the good, the bad and definitely the ugly. So Mya, I think you should start at the beginning, the day you got me as a sister.

M: Well, it was a dark and gloomy day…(lol) I was almost 4 years old and I had my mom and dad wrapped around my little finger. Then walks in my mom with this thing called “sister” and I was not ready. How was that Sami?!

S: Wow…One thing I do remember growing up hearing, I don’t know who from but that Mya was not happy when I got home. And really I don’t think we really got along until we were older! Sadly….I don’t remember much of my childhood!!! We have lots of home videos that help me out;) I can tell you we grew up in a Pink house with our Mom and Dad, we eventually got two brothers, and in the Summer we drove to Washington to live there for a few months.Our parents brought us up teaching the Gospel to us, and  we were blessed to go to a Christian school. OOOhhh! We even did Awanas;) Anything you want to add Mya?

M: Oh the pink house, and they still live there to this day! My mom homeschooled me until 3rd grade and then Sami and I went to public school for a few years until I started going to the Christian school my dad taught at. And the reason we drove to Seattle every summer was because 1) we are from there and 2) my dad was a teacher so he had the summers off and taught tennis at a summer club up in Washington. All the memories are flooding back!

S: Mya maybe we can jump to when our relationship really turned for the good?

I will start it off. My parents forced us to share a room. Do I need to go further??

M: Oh ya, you don’t remember your childhood. That could have been a boring segment! Lol. But we can’t move on until you admit that you LITERALLY STABBED ME IN THE BACK AS A CHILD. No wonder we weren’t friends.

S: OK! Hold up! You need to rephrase that! I stabbed her in the back with a pencil. Jeez, I am not that violent! But to my defense you were mean! You always got me in trouble!

M: Whatever! Anyway, I’m glad that I can now move on from that horrific moment in my life, thank you for finally confessing, Sami. 🙂 On to the good times- do you remember the moment or time when we actually were friends/ close? Because obviously I cared about you and loved you my whole life but I really sucked at showing you. When I finally got my act together and cherished who you were and realized that I needed not only a sister but a best friend, everything was so much better!

S: Um… I just remember after we HAD to share a room, we became fast friends! Sure, you “ love me”… Anyway, I really think it was the sharing of the room, because we began to talk a lot more and share with one another, and not to mention many many memories were made. My turn for a horrifying story of torture! Mya turned the lights off and was acting like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings! I was screaming and so scared, so scared I peed my pants. Oh and side note, Towne women, actually no, Lee women (our mom’s side)have a bladder problem! My mom, sister, and, I all pee our pants….OFTEN.

M: Wow, SO horrifying. Did I give you a scar on your back that you still have today? No. I didn’t think so. But the peeing. Y’all this is a serious problem. No amount of kegels can cure this. Especially after having a child- holy cow!

S: I feel like we could go on and on with so many pee stories! But we can spread them out! Anyway, when I finished 8th grade that was the year Mya graduated! I was so sad that we wouldn’t get to be in high school together. BUT, I was even more sad that she was leaving me to go to college all the way in Spokane! IT WAS HORRIBLE! I am thankful I had lots of friends in school cause it would have been depressing and super unhealthy  if Mya was my only friend. Mya how did we stay close and in touch when you left me?

M: So here’s the thing, you don’t remember your childhood and I feel like I don’t remember that whole transition period between high school and college. Facetime wasn’t around but I’m pretty sure we skyped a lot. During my visits home and especially in the summer is where I remember us getting really close. Honestly, when I moved back from Spokane at the start of your Senior year is my most memorable. I loved being back home with you and started to appreciate our relationship. Then there’s this full circle moment! YOU leave ME for college. Through that time we stayed in good touch especially when we each meet our (now) hubby’s! And now we just keep getting closer and I have to say you are my absolute best friend (and I’m yours right? Yes? Oh gosh, this could be awkward! lol)!

S: Uhhhhhhhhh….Awkward…..

Haha!!! Jk! Yes, sister you are my closest sister! I guess everything really is all jumbled up in my brain! But nonetheless we aren’t just sisters by blood, God created a bond that is strong and allows us to be close and work through things together. This is jumping ahead but this last year has been one that has been pretty amazing! It has been one beautiful sight and Jesus has allowed me to see your growth in many areas but especially with Him! I see this strong, hungry for more of him and it’s the coolest thing as sisters to be able to see the ways God is working in one another! And he doesn’t want us to just see and praise him for it but he wants us to exhort one another! So fellow sisters take some time to ask and seek all that the Lord is doing in your surrounding sisters, and go and tell them and encourage them to continue in obedience!

It’s been real, gals. And be sure to  join us next week for Part Two. We will continue on sharing about our families, especially when we met our now husbands and the journey from there!

See you throughout the week, as we work to encourage and lift each other up! We love you all!




P.S. The Featured Picture, is my senior year that Mya was talking about when she moved back! We really enjoyed the new Macbook Photo-booth, like all the time!

First Ever Sistatowne Blog Post!


We are beyond excited! We decided what better way to start then to talk about the Key Verse of our little ministry.

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

Matthew 22:37 ESV

First off this is a command from scripture! Let that sink in. A COMMAND. It’s not an option. Whew. We know that we must not be alone. But often, either of us have not loved the Lord with ALL our heart, or ALL our mind, or ALL our soul. Thank the Lord we serve a good and gracious God! Because he constantly calls us back to repentance and Him.

Onto something a little less in your face and so deep. When Mya and I talked through the idea of Sistatowne and decided to venture out on this journey, we felt confident that God wanted us to show other gals how He is connected and present in all that we do! He has set us free and gives us freedoms and gifts to thoroughly enjoy! So we thought why not make it a three fold?! And that’s where Matthew 22:37 came in to confirm the call of encompassing all these areas of life and how they always point back to Jesus!

As we have said (and you can read above), we desire to see women connected through their hearts, souls and minds.

Somewhat weird wording but, let us explain.

We want to share the things we are freely able to love- what makes our hearts happy! Any good shows you’ve been watching? Hobbies? Likes/dislikes? Favorite food? Goals you are working to achieve? TELL US ALL THE THINGS.

It’s also our desire to hear how your soul is being fed, and how it needs to be nurtured (we are here for you!) and what we can pray for. This is a space where you can share the ways God is working/stretching/molding/ challenging you in different facets of your life!

But don’t let us deter you. We want to hear EVERYTHING.

Heck, tell us a funny story or a life hack- don’t feel like you can’t share something because it isn’t deep or spiritual; there is nothing too small or too big here! Although I am preaching to myself here, as much of the time I feel like God is only working in small ways in my life (maybe you feel that too) or we don’t see or feel how he could be doing something that has been a part of our story all along, yet in His eyes it is huge and a part of his plan. That’s pretty awesome!

And we can’t forget about the mind. Oh my, the mind of a woman (and I can say that because I am a woman; I understand!). This could definitely be a jumbled mess (amiright?), I mean us women are designed and wired very uniquely, and our mind is constantly moving. We have a lot going on up in there! I know that at times I word vomit, and sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t!

So basically who knows what will come of this blog!

All in all though, as we share personally and practically we hope you will enjoy and connect with us. We also hope it encourages you and constantly points you to the Creator. We’re all in this TOGETHER (cue High School Musical- #throwback).

And above all else, remember this:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”



Our Story



We will always refer back to Matthew 22:37 

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

We desire to encompass all three parts. Our heart, soul and mind, connecting all three to Jesus always. We believe that the Lord has made us in his image and all that we enjoy can be glorifying to him! So join us as we talk and share the things our hearts, souls and minds delight in! 

We say sisterhood, because, in Christ we are given sisters and brothers to live life with! So, let’s navigate through this life together and dive in to the sisters the Lord has surrounded and blessed us with, and if you don’t have them around you, ask the Lord to lead you to a community of believers! And if this is the first time you have heard of this person named Christ, or the term sisterhood used in this way, then please don’t hesitate and connect with us via email! Click here!


Hello wonderful people! I am so excited for this adventure ahead of us! As you can read in our vision, our hope is first and foremost to,  glorify God in this! We aren’t entirely sure where or what the Lord is gonna do exactly but we do know he has called us to this fun step! Anyway, a little about me! I am the younger sister to Mya, but who cares about age! I currently live in Washington State! The Lord has gifted me with a wonderful Husband and now a little boy, Finn, whom I love dearly! We live pretty busy lives which in itself teaches us so much! I am a busy body and on the go gal, who loves  the Lord, learning, friends, good bargains, and local businesses! Come join us on this journey called life! We are all on it, so lets do it together through, vulnerability, encouragement, and helping each other keep our eyes on Jesus! We weren’t created to do life on our own or alone!

Meet my family: My Husband, Ryan and son, Finn


I live by the motto: “Give me caffeine and a whole lot of Jesus!” because I would die without both.

It is so exciting to be here, writing out my thoughts, prayers, hopes, dreams, experiences and life lessons for others to hopefully be encouraged by. I believe that as sisters in Christ, we need to come together more often to learn and grow WITH each other. Yes, I’m writing out my thoughts, but I want this to be a place where other women can come to write as well. Where they feel comfortable sharing with us, asking for prayer, giving advice, relating with us; creating a sisterhood! We are in the righteous family of God, how amazing is that?!

This was my sister, Sami’s vision, but I feel so called to doing this that I know it is going to be used in mighty ways. Our families are not perfect, life is crazy at times, we are constantly learning and growing as wives/moms/friends/professionals BUT one thing remains: our faithfulness in Jesus. Our hope and deliverer.

Come learn and grow with us as we navigate life through our hearts, minds and souls. I guarantee it will be a WILD ride 🙂

Meet my family! My husband, Ty and son, Ryder!