The Journey Part 1

Welcome back, Happy Tuesday!

We will be doing a two part blog about family, particularly our families!

S: As everyone knows we are biological sisters. Therefore we’ve got lots of history, the good, the bad and definitely the ugly. So Mya, I think you should start at the beginning, the day you got me as a sister.

M: Well, it was a dark and gloomy day…(lol) I was almost 4 years old and I had my mom and dad wrapped around my little finger. Then walks in my mom with this thing called “sister” and I was not ready. How was that Sami?!

S: Wow…One thing I do remember growing up hearing, I don’t know who from but that Mya was not happy when I got home. And really I don’t think we really got along until we were older! Sadly….I don’t remember much of my childhood!!! We have lots of home videos that help me out;) I can tell you we grew up in a Pink house with our Mom and Dad, we eventually got two brothers, and in the Summer we drove to Washington to live there for a few months.Our parents brought us up teaching the Gospel to us, and  we were blessed to go to a Christian school. OOOhhh! We even did Awanas;) Anything you want to add Mya?

M: Oh the pink house, and they still live there to this day! My mom homeschooled me until 3rd grade and then Sami and I went to public school for a few years until I started going to the Christian school my dad taught at. And the reason we drove to Seattle every summer was because 1) we are from there and 2) my dad was a teacher so he had the summers off and taught tennis at a summer club up in Washington. All the memories are flooding back!

S: Mya maybe we can jump to when our relationship really turned for the good?

I will start it off. My parents forced us to share a room. Do I need to go further??

M: Oh ya, you don’t remember your childhood. That could have been a boring segment! Lol. But we can’t move on until you admit that you LITERALLY STABBED ME IN THE BACK AS A CHILD. No wonder we weren’t friends.

S: OK! Hold up! You need to rephrase that! I stabbed her in the back with a pencil. Jeez, I am not that violent! But to my defense you were mean! You always got me in trouble!

M: Whatever! Anyway, I’m glad that I can now move on from that horrific moment in my life, thank you for finally confessing, Sami. 🙂 On to the good times- do you remember the moment or time when we actually were friends/ close? Because obviously I cared about you and loved you my whole life but I really sucked at showing you. When I finally got my act together and cherished who you were and realized that I needed not only a sister but a best friend, everything was so much better!

S: Um… I just remember after we HAD to share a room, we became fast friends! Sure, you “ love me”… Anyway, I really think it was the sharing of the room, because we began to talk a lot more and share with one another, and not to mention many many memories were made. My turn for a horrifying story of torture! Mya turned the lights off and was acting like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings! I was screaming and so scared, so scared I peed my pants. Oh and side note, Towne women, actually no, Lee women (our mom’s side)have a bladder problem! My mom, sister, and, I all pee our pants….OFTEN.

M: Wow, SO horrifying. Did I give you a scar on your back that you still have today? No. I didn’t think so. But the peeing. Y’all this is a serious problem. No amount of kegels can cure this. Especially after having a child- holy cow!

S: I feel like we could go on and on with so many pee stories! But we can spread them out! Anyway, when I finished 8th grade that was the year Mya graduated! I was so sad that we wouldn’t get to be in high school together. BUT, I was even more sad that she was leaving me to go to college all the way in Spokane! IT WAS HORRIBLE! I am thankful I had lots of friends in school cause it would have been depressing and super unhealthy  if Mya was my only friend. Mya how did we stay close and in touch when you left me?

M: So here’s the thing, you don’t remember your childhood and I feel like I don’t remember that whole transition period between high school and college. Facetime wasn’t around but I’m pretty sure we skyped a lot. During my visits home and especially in the summer is where I remember us getting really close. Honestly, when I moved back from Spokane at the start of your Senior year is my most memorable. I loved being back home with you and started to appreciate our relationship. Then there’s this full circle moment! YOU leave ME for college. Through that time we stayed in good touch especially when we each meet our (now) hubby’s! And now we just keep getting closer and I have to say you are my absolute best friend (and I’m yours right? Yes? Oh gosh, this could be awkward! lol)!

S: Uhhhhhhhhh….Awkward…..

Haha!!! Jk! Yes, sister you are my closest sister! I guess everything really is all jumbled up in my brain! But nonetheless we aren’t just sisters by blood, God created a bond that is strong and allows us to be close and work through things together. This is jumping ahead but this last year has been one that has been pretty amazing! It has been one beautiful sight and Jesus has allowed me to see your growth in many areas but especially with Him! I see this strong, hungry for more of him and it’s the coolest thing as sisters to be able to see the ways God is working in one another! And he doesn’t want us to just see and praise him for it but he wants us to exhort one another! So fellow sisters take some time to ask and seek all that the Lord is doing in your surrounding sisters, and go and tell them and encourage them to continue in obedience!

It’s been real, gals. And be sure to  join us next week for Part Two. We will continue on sharing about our families, especially when we met our now husbands and the journey from there!

See you throughout the week, as we work to encourage and lift each other up! We love you all!




P.S. The Featured Picture, is my senior year that Mya was talking about when she moved back! We really enjoyed the new Macbook Photo-booth, like all the time!

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