The Journey Part 2

Welcome back! As always, thank you for supporting us in this journey each week. It’s been fun to share our hearts and lives with you- especially last week when we basically shared funny stories that occurred growing up. Trust me, there is definitely more but we will spare you…for now 🙂


And just as a reminder, we are not here to talk about ourselves or what we are learning/doing- we want this to be a platform for EVERYONE to share and live life with us! This is a sisterhood- let’s get to know one another. So please comment with anything that you can relate to throughout today’s topic: searching and finding the person God so perfectly put in your life at just the right time. And as we talk about our husbands it is not limited to that!



The LONG journey to Redemption

There’s always the time when girls start to notice the boys, and so begins the ongoing feud between friends and BOYfriends. Ooohhh. Lord knows we never wanted to be in the “friend zone.”


As the oldest you are the guinea pig. It’s true. But when you are the oldest DAUGHTER, it’s as if you are the guinea pig locked in the cage with no key to be let free. (I am being super dramatic but growing up I felt like that- although that’s not entirely a true analogy).


So, not only were there many restrictions on my social life, but having a “boyfriend” was definitely not an option. Side note: what does “boyfriend” even mean when you are in elementary/middle school?! We actually never called it boyfriend/girlfriend, it was called “going out”. Like what? So embarrassing. (Insert face palm emoji).


Anywho, high school was tricky and of course I felt like everyone around me was having all of these “romantic” experiences. Holding hands, going to the movies, first kiss, blah blah blah.

I felt like I was the only girl in my school who hadn’t had their first kiss or real “boyfriend.”

You all can stop and have a little pity party for me. LOL.


BUT guys, it happened. It finally happened. My first kiss. The END of my JUNIOR year. I felt so accomplished and it honestly wasn’t as special as I thought it would be.

The movies lie, people!


Senior year was a completely different story.

You see, I turned 18 in November. So a lot of the school year I was LEGAL.

To me that meant I could buy cigars, vote and basically do whatever I wanted.

Uh, ya freaking right.

But I started to rebel.

Dated a boy that was just that, a boy and a bad one. (but do they ever really grow up?)

I was that girl, the one who HAD to date a bad boy. He also went to the public high school across the street (going to a small private christian school, dating a public school boy was a big deal). For him, I lied and gave my parents more gray hairs than they probably wanted.

Good grief, I was stupid.

Hindsight is so helpful isn’t it? (NOT).


Welp, I graduated. Went off to college and stopped that cycle of rebelling for at least the first year.

I had great experiences, made great friends, missed home but enjoyed having independence.

The summer before my Junior year, I started to really question my faith and the reasons I “believed” certain things and was in a season of uncertainty and confusion. I tried navigating through different things and made mistakes along the way, I also got injured in tennis which put me out for the season. I was lost.

Then I turned 21.

My parents were concerned about this. Another legal age. The age to (legally) drink.

You remember how I was when I was 18? These legal ages have some significance in my life I guess.

Alcohol became a part of my everyday life. I was dating a guy that I thought was great but obviously ended up not to be. I made sacrifices I shouldn’t have.


Again, hindsight is always helpful right?


But these “dark ages” of Mya actually are a huge part of my testimony and although these experiences were tough; they have  shaped me into the woman I am today. And ultimately, what brought me to Ty (my hubby).


So fast forward to the end of my Junior year in college. I had quit the tennis team, had a come to Jesus moment and had grown so much as a person and a child of God. I was living in Seattle for the summer (fun fact: I had spent every summer in Seattle since I had been born basically) and somewhat last minute, decided to leave Whitworth (the university I attended in Spokane) and transfer to the University of Arizona to finish my college career. Who does that?!


I came back to live at home in August, had been single for awhile (yay me!) and was completely focused on my relationship with Jesus and finishing school. I decided to take the first semester off and take some online transfer classes and worked at my alma mater.

Have you ever felt so connected to Jesus that your life just seems to be constantly in prayer and everything you do is incredibly peaceful? I have a hard time communicating exactly what I was feeling at that time, but it was unexplainable and wonderful. Honestly, I am embarrassed to say that because as a follower of Christ, you should probably feel that way all the time. But maybe since I hadn’t had that feeling probably in my whole life- it was a welcome breath of fresh air! I felt like I had this clean slate and was able to start my life over with Christ leading the way.  


This whole time though I still felt this desire for a solid relationship- but nothing was panning out and I was starting to feel myself get desperate. Y’all, it was pathetic. I was getting discouraged, distracted and disappointed. Until I finally threw my desires up to God, and I will never forget my prayer. “Lord, I give you my desire for a boyfriend. I’m done trying to rush this, I don’t like how I am feeling. I trust you to bring someone in my life when it’s meant to be.”


And just like that my mindset changed and I was happy where I was at in life. I had reconnected with friends, was working at a great school, getting close with my younger brothers, coaching tennis and more connected to Christ than I had been EVER. God is good!




October 3, 2012. Never ever will I forget that day. I had planned a whole week of birthday surprises for my friend, Heather. That particular night, on the agenda was happy hour at Applebee’s. I had picked up Heather and we were about to head out when a guy she had been talking to was coming into town to stay at a friends house and had asked if she wanted to hang out. Being the good friend that she is, asked if I could tag along (yay 3rd wheel!). The good thing was that this friend he was staying with lived on the same street as my parents. PERFECT. So we drove back to the community my parents live in and went to the house across the mailboxes- and met a neighbor I didn’t know I had. I knew he probably wasn’t thrilled to have two girls come over and crash his house and I was so dreading being the 3rd/4th wheel? Whatever.


But obviously you probably know where this is headed but that night we all sat around his kitchen table and talked, laughed and had such a good time. Ty and I ended up talking about almost everything AND he walked me home. Y’all, he walked me home.

What a freakin’ gentleman. Wow.


It was an unexpected night that changed my life for the better.


He got my number the next day from my friend, we started talking each day, he pursued me and it was totally all God working through this relationship.


He started going to bible study with me on Sunday mornings, and began going through the book of Ruth in our study. Do you know the story of Ruth? It is an absolutely beautiful story of redemption. Ruth was a widow, who moved with her mother in law to a place she did not know. In order to have enough food to eat, she was allowed to follow the crop gatherers and pick up and keep what they dropped or left behind. The owner of the land was named Boaz. He respected and admired Ruth, and ultimately he redeemed her from her past and the life she was living. TY IS MY BOAZ. God’s timing was unbelievable, I wholeheartedly believe that he brought Ty into my life at the perfect time to show me that my past could be forgiven and that I could be redeemed.  


I met Ty on October 3, 2012. I graduated college December 2012. Got engaged May 2013. Married July 12, 2013. I swear people probably thought that I was a) crazy b) pregnant c) all of the above. BUT nope. People say it but it’s true. When you know, you know. Also, we have Ryder our 18 month old, and just celebrated 5 years of marriage.

So those option B people, we proved you wrong! 🙂


I write this to show you God’s goodness in all facets of life. As I kept mentioning, hindsight really is helpful although at times it fills you with remorse or regret. If you reflect on those times, you can see God’s hand in those hard moments/experiences/friendships/etc. If these circumstances were not supposed to have happened, he wouldn’t have allowed them to happen. Everything we do is all part of his plan. We may not know it, understand it, see it or like it but when you reflect on those times; you can see how much our God loves us even when we stray from him.


This is my testimony of redemption; God used Ty to redeem me and show me that he is going to take care of my needs. I surrendered my hopes and desires to him and he came through. And I want you to know that our God has your back, he wants the best for you and is working in your life whether you know it or not.


Have you found your person yet? Share your story with us.

Still looking for that person God has set aside for you? Have faith! Surrender those desires to Him and give him the reigns of your life, his timing is ALWAYS better than ours.


Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”


Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”


Be encouraged today and let us know how we can pray for you!




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