The Journey Part 3

Man, not only can we talk, we can write! Week one now has a part 3!. When Mya called me saying her blog is really long, I wasn’t sure how long she was talking about. Then, I read it and was like,”Wow! Okay, you just write this week and I will write the following!” Which leads us to this “following week”.

I hope you enjoyed all that Mya shared last week. It came from her heart, and she brought up a good point: this side of heaven is a journey! She shared hers, and God has used it for His glory. isn’t it so cool to see that?!

We cannot express enough that we want to share life, and we want to hear from you! So please, if you feel lead, comment or send us an email! We would love to talk to you, encourage you, and learn from you!

It’s funny how real the first born being a guinea pig is. Last week,  Mya shared so many areas that shaped how I did life, and mostly because she was the piggy 😉 Which in hindsight Mya, I am super thankful for you! Where to begin ??

My junior year of high school, I was privileged to be an exchange student in Denmark. While I was there, I learned and experienced much of what College students experience here in the U.S. Overall, I had the best experience and made some really great friends, my love of travelling and learning about different cultures only expanded!  Of course as I look back at my time in Europe, I see God’s hand of protection over me in so many ways. He truly is such a merciful, sovereign Father.

When I came back from studying abroad, I finished out my highschool years at the school my dad taught at. My senior year was one of the hardest years I had been through up to that point in my life. Romantic relationships, heartbreak, friendship, hurts and healing, all while feeling the pressures of what I am going to do with my life after graduation. REAL HARD!  I got through it all mostly through the help of Mya being at home and some other dear friends surrounding me.

After graduation, I moved my life to Seattle, and started going to college to get a degree in Special Education, while also being a full-time live in Nanny. Lets just say it didn’t go well. I then entered a very dark and deep season in my life. I would say half clinical and the other spiritual. I went from doctors appointment to doctors appointment to a sleep study to medications. Man, what a roller coaster! It was a really hard season for me — most of what I thought was solid in my life was not. What I truly believe helped me was journaling. I was writing when I was not sleeping (true, my way of numbing and avoiding things was sleep). I got off the medications and really just felt healed from all the darkness. I am not trying to breeze through this part of my life but it is pretty blurry and I don’t remember much! Anyone who needs encouragement, if you are struggling, Doctors are helpful and so is medicine so use this tool but remember they do not cure all! Also, when you are struggling don’t try to pretend all is well in front of people, it doesn’t help you! I felt like I tried to be “Sami” all through this season, and, well, the Lord was good to strip me of most everything.

Now to enter what this blog is suppose to center around, meeting Ryan. I had met him amongst this rough season. I had started going to a church with my friend who was dating a guy from there (they are now married with kiddos!). My friend had pointed out Ryan on Facebook, I have given you the picture above, no my husband did not consent to this….Oops….


Well, I told her he was attractive but I am not interested….Well, then I went to visit and he was so handsome and so nice! And the cherry on top was that he went to the same university as my sister and they knew each other?! Crazy, right??? Of course I told my sister and she replied, “Sami, he is so nice, you need to like him.” Done. Ok, ya I really liked him at that point….But nothing happened for what felt like forever! It was about a year and a half later that, in my words, Ryan noticed me (what he would say is he did notice me but not romantically.) We were friends and all, but nothing happened.

Fast forward to us dating, we fell in love blah blah blah, then we got married, the end!

Haha, ok that is what happened but it wasn’t that easy, the Lord grew and taught us a lot in the dating season. I truly believe that no matter how much you love someone, it is a miracle for marriages to last.  We as humans, are… well… human. I mean we live in a fallen world and because of that there is a war every which way. Ryan and I are so different and I am beyond thankful for him, he is truly the best in the planet, but if Christ wasn’t the center of our marriage, it would be a war/crime scene. Too far? Ok, sorry, but it would be pretty darn ugly if we both didn’t have this God who desires us to depend and turn to him in all we do. Now, I am not saying Ryan and I have it all together! WE DON’T, NOT EVEN CLOSE! Because of the ways we clash and because of the sinners we are, there are lots of moments where Christ isn’t the center and by his grace one of us usually helps the other to turn back to Christ. So to end this blog, I want to move away from marriage, and urge you my sisters, that God wants us to have him at the center of our life. He created us, as I mentioned before, to depend on Him. He is our Daddy. And because he is a good Daddy, he has given us tangible beings to live life with and to lean on and seek wisdom from. So let’s remember that this side of heaven is hard, but it’s not all hard. There are many many good gifts.

Love you all,


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