Preparing for a Road Trip


We thought we would do something a little different this week. As we get ready to head out to Texas together, we thought about how much fun road trips are! So why not talk about preparation? I feel like we get side tracked real easy…WHO CARES?! It is the way we roll.

Now, we grew up going on road trips. Every, I mean, EVERY, summer we would drive from Tucson, AZ to Seattle, WA. We took different routes every time. Some of the greatest memories, at least for me (Sami) are driving to Seattle each year. I don’t think at the time I appreciated it as much as I do now. And man, our mom was the best at preparing for the trip!

She always had activity/snack bags for us the morning we left, waiting for us in our seat of the car. (Mya, maybe we should make some for our road trip to Waco!) One of my favorite parts was that we got a bag of quarters to have the whole trip! Anytime we asked if we were almost there, we would lose a coin. At the end of the trip we were able to spend it however we wanted too. Surprise surprise, almost every time it was spent on candy. Do you remember those long skinny laffy taffy sticks? Ya, I loved those! Are those still around??? As it goes, us Towne kids are competitive (selfish)? We would try to bargain/bribe/trick our siblings into asking our parents for us! Mya and I were lucky to be a bit older than our brothers, so we manipulated them ALOT. I feel super proud about that… even though it’s something I probably shouldn’t be proud of.

Anywho, the most important parts are as follows: Snack choice, books, blanket, playlists, podcasts, and fellow passengers. SIDE NOTE: You should be on Instagram October 17-21, because we will be in the car, sharing I am sure, and in the best place ever! The Silos.

And, cause I know you are all wondering, no Mya and I will not have a baggy of quarters for this road trip…

As you prepare for a road trip aside from all the packing, etc, You of course have to think about where you are going to start in the morning for some CAFFEINE, aka fuel. Usually Starbucks wins, but for this trip I think Dutch Bros is gonna win, because Tucson just got one! WOOT WOOT! I mean, I guess, not everyone does coffee for caffeine, but these girls live off of it. But you know we will need more than one coffee on this 12 hour drive, so I am sure we will be stopping to get some more. I think Mya and I have pretty good bladder’s when it comes to holding it, IF we are not laughing or sneezing. I know I could go forever before stopping to use the bathroom!

So let’s talk music, Mya and I have lots of music we loved growing up, so we definitely will be bringing along some oldies, as in HSM. Anyone?? I know I need some JT cause I need to prepare for his concert I am going to in November! And then for sure some Johnnyswim, cause we are gonna be spending Friday night with them!  And then some Podcasts, yes please! This is a perfect example of how Mya and I balance each other. Most of the Podcasts I listen to are women who have written books and are more into talking deep things, which I love. And, may I say, it is not all serious, people! No one can live that way all the time, or they shouldn’t. But on the other hand Mya has found some hilarious podcast she listens to, mostly those from the Bachelor/Bachelorette Nation, who now have their own podcasts. They are amazing. We will have to link some at the bottom.

I am gonna let Mya take over talking about what we need to pack for this three day event! She is super gifted in style, another thing we are completely opposite in!

Hi All! Just like Sami, I love road trips! If I had to choose, I would rather drive than fly anywhere- who else is with me?

My mom always did a great job at making road trips fun, the quarter idea is something I am most definitely going to use with my son, Ryder. Genius. Being the oldest, I was a rule follower and did not want to ask how much longer because 1) I’d have to give up a quarter and 2) it didn’t really matter because if we weren’t at our destination I was going to have to wait anyway until we got there. So it became a goal to save all of my quarters but get Sami or my brothers to ask. Sami was the easiest to get because she always wanted to know, it was awesome.

Anywho, I digress.

Lately with traveling I have been trying to be more organized in my packing. I bought the Bon Voyage travel pack from Young Living that is all travel sized Young Living products that come in a cute bag. Literally has saved me because all I do is throw it in my suitcase and I am covered with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, face lotion, body lotion, and chapstick. So that is always the first thing I know is ready to go. I then have been getting these little clothing bags and using them to pack by outfit. I throw in the dress/top/pants/jewelry/etc in this bag and I know that the outfit is ready with all necessities. I do this for each day with a small pile of “extras” (shirts, workout clothes, pajamas). What’s nice about a road trip is there are no baggage fees and all the room you want (depending on size of vehicle of course) but I know that I can throw all of my shoes in a tote bag along with my blow dryer, curling iron, hair products and be good to go.

Anyone else getting more convinced that driving is the way to go? 🙂

That is my whole packing process that I can think of, besides the fact that I always bring all of the essential oils I know will come in handy while traveling (peppermint, digize, joy, lemon, thieves, plus all of my supplements).

Also, one last piece of advice. I always pack a black shirt (super versatile) or a black dress (also easy to throw on and versatile) with a jean jacket or flannel shirt because those can easily be worn well with the shirt or dress. Comfortable walking shoes, sandals and workout shoes are also a must in my bag. And let’s be honest, the most important item to pack is dry shampoo– Hello LIFESAVER!

What is something you always have to pack when traveling? Let us know so we can bounce ideas off of each other!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. Can’t wait to show you all of our adventure to Waco!

XOXO, Sistatowne

Road Tripping in Style 

P.S. Some Podcast we like:

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  • Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad
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