Life Guide

Chatbooks: We don’t know about you but we have spent countless hours creating  books on Shutterfly while spending $40+ on it. Then we found Chatbooks, where we can collect all the pictures we take (because you know our camera rolls are filled with pictures of our kids) and have them put in cute little books for $10 a month. AH-MAZING. Use the link to get $10 off your first order (that’s a FREE book)!

Voxer: The walkie talkie app, it’s how we normally communicate because it’s quick and super easy to use. Use it to connect with your family and friends, create group chats to read verses or devotionals with your girlfriends too!

Beachbody on Demand: nap time is my workout time. This is important to me because I am taking care of myself but it’s flexible and at home with minimal to no equipment. There are over 40 programs to try ranging from weights, to high intensity, to yoga or Pilates. It’s amazing and I pay $99/ year for access to all of these- can’t beat that! I’d love to workout with you virtually-let’s do a program together!

Amazon: This is a live saver, addiction, practical and down right AMAZING! We use amazon on the daily! Who loves having most everything in one place as you sit on your couch?! Now this is no new company we are telling you about. We would just like to keep on encouraging you to thoroughly enjoy this amazing website! And if you don’t have it what are you doing?! We highly encourage Amazon Prime as well! Worth the $100 a year. TIP: you can also split it with someone, so really it is only 50 each!

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