Our Story


We will always refer back to Matthew 22:37 

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

We desire to encompass all three parts. Our heart, soul and mind, connecting all three to Jesus always. We believe that the Lord has made us in his image and all that we enjoy can be glorifying to him! So join us as we talk and share the things our hearts, souls and minds delight in! 

We say sisterhood, because, in Christ we are given sisters and brothers to live life with! So, let’s navigate through this life together and dive in to the sisters the Lord has surrounded and blessed us with, and if you don’t have them around you, ask the Lord to lead you to a community of believers! And if this is the first time you have heard of this person named Christ, or the term sisterhood used in this way, then please don’t hesitate and connect with us via email! Click here!


Hello wonderful people! I am so excited for this adventure ahead of us! As you can read in our vision, our hope is first and foremost to,  glorify God in this! We aren’t entirely sure where or what the Lord is gonna do exactly but we do know he has called us to this fun step! Anyway, a little about me! I am the younger sister to Mya, but who cares about age! I currently live in Washington State! The Lord has gifted me with a wonderful Husband and now a little boy, Finn, whom I love dearly! We live pretty busy lives which in itself teaches us so much! I am a busy body and on the go gal, who loves  the Lord, learning, friends, good bargains, and local businesses! Come join us on this journey called life! We are all on it, so lets do it together through, vulnerability, encouragement, and helping each other keep our eyes on Jesus! We weren’t created to do life on our own or alone!

Meet my family: My Husband, Ryan and son, Finn


I live by the motto: “Give me caffeine and a whole lot of Jesus!” because I would die without both.

It is so exciting to be here, writing out my thoughts, prayers, hopes, dreams, experiences and life lessons for others to hopefully be encouraged by. I believe that as sisters in Christ, we need to come together more often to learn and grow WITH each other. Yes, I’m writing out my thoughts, but I want this to be a place where other women can come to write as well. Where they feel comfortable sharing with us, asking for prayer, giving advice, relating with us; creating a sisterhood! We are in the righteous family of God, how amazing is that?!

This was my sister, Sami’s vision, but I feel so called to doing this that I know it is going to be used in mighty ways. Our families are not perfect, life is crazy at times, we are constantly learning and growing as wives/moms/friends/professionals BUT one thing remains: our faithfulness in Jesus. Our hope and deliverer.

Come learn and grow with us as we navigate life through our hearts, minds and souls. I guarantee it will be a WILD ride 🙂

Meet my family! My husband, Ty and son, Ryder!
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