• Gracelaced: If you haven’t visited Gracelaced, we have made it easy for you! Just click the link. Talk about art! Ruth creates beautiful uplifting paintings. You can buy canvas’, prints, cards, notebooks and so much more. She even has devotionals and a beautiful planner. OK, stop reading our description and go check it out!!
  • Magnolia: Who wouldn’t want to channel their inner Joanna Gaines and shop here?! Love this for home inspiration, just looking at the pictures gives me ideas on how to style or use something!
  • Target: When I need some alone time, I go to Target and walk down every aisle without any agenda. It’s amazing! They have cute clothes for everyone, and let’s not forget about the dollar section- just take my money now! If you frequent target then you know its mandatory to get the target red card (debit of course- ain’t nobody got time for credit card bills!) and get 5% off each time you shop. It’s not much but it helps and is really beneficial when you have to order online (hello free shipping plus 5% off).
  • Etsy: Supporting small businesses is something we love to do. Knowing that you are helping support someone’s God given talents is so much fun for us- especially since the both of us probably couldn’t recreate their product and it definitely wouldn’t look as good! Search for almost anything on here- personally I love getting oily products, personalized items, home decor and invitations.
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